Fun Facts about the Islands

When people think about Hawaii their minds instantly travel to  a land of palm trees, hula dancers, and fire breathers. While they are not wrong, they are missing out on so much more our islands have to offer. There are sights to see that you can’t see anywhere else in the world. While our islands are rich with history I will give a couple of known facts about Hawaii and of each island individually.

First off, Hawaii is apart of 137 volcanic and coral islands, among those the 8 bigger islands make up the state of Hawaii, 6 of those are highly populated. Hawaii also has its own time zone and our weather is consistant throughout the year with the average tempatures being 68-88 degrees. So if your thinking about vacationing feel free to come and enjoys our people, beaches, and hospitality any time of year!

A couple of fun facts about our more populated islands:
BIG ISLAND: Kileaua Volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the worlds most active volcano.  The Big Island is also home to the biggest telescope in the world and is located at Mauna Kea Observitory a whopping 13,796 ft in altitude.

MAUI- Haleakala Crater is the size of the city of Manhattan in New York.

MOLOKAI- On this island you will find the largest sea cliffs in all the world. The cliffs are 3000+ feet and a beautiful sight to see.

KAUAI- Mt. Waialeale is known to be the rainest place on Earth averaging 397 inches of rain a year!

OAHU- Lastly, Oahu (where Makani Hawaii is located) this island is also known as The Gathering Place. Its the location of the 11th biggest city in the US and the biggest one in Hawaii, the city of Honolulu. Duke Kahanamoku who is known and the father of modern day surfing grew up in Waikiki.

When you arrive in Hawaii you will notice that there is a lot of diversity. Its filled only with minorities, no one race dominates over the others. It allows you to get a feel for all cultures as well as a taste of other cultures. Because of our diversity we have resturants that showcase different foods from all over the world.
Hawaii is known as the Aloha State, aloha means hello and good-bye, but it is also a motto. To show aloha is to show generosity, compassion, and love for other people. Here in Hawaii we love so “show our aloha” to all our visitors!

Aloha and Mahalo.

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